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Exposition Tesla, the Heritage of CZ Electric Industry
Exposition of heavy radio technology
Irregular Show Route in S-7 Shelter in Trest


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Exposition Tesla, the Heritage of CZ Electric Industry

The public exhibition of historical radio industry aimed at Czechoslovakian trademark Tesla was ceremonially opened on 11th August 2012. After several years of the temporary exhibitions of Open Door type, in which the demonstrative exposure of broadcasting technology was held on the ground floor of the Club building, Radio-club finally had a permanent exposition of the historical appliances. The exposition was built under the project named "Through Renaissance region not only in the footsteps of history”, which was aimed at the establishment of the rural museums and it was financed from the Agricultural Intervention Foundation, mediated by Local Action Group (LAD) Trestsko, o.p.s. The exposition is open permanently, but it does not have any constant opening hours, it is necessary to arrange the tour in advance with our local guide Jiri Stastny. The exposition is open permanently during all the club actions announced in advance.

The entrance to the exhibiton LE57 Portable recievers SL12 40s
Jubilant 50s Viola 60s Semiramis
Tape recorders General view Ametyst Sektor Telephones 70s
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Exposition of heavy radio technology

On 26th July 2015 the new publicly accessible exhibition was opened in our museum Tesla. The exposition of heavy radio technology includes the techniques, which most of people are not familiar with and which they did not normally have the possibility to see when it was being operated. There is mainly broadcasting technology including transmitters not only for radio but also the special ones that were broadcasting timestamps, telegrams and telegraphs and dispatches intended for the embassies abroad. We have large stationary transmitters with power of tens of kilowatts but also small "mobile" appliances with power of tens to hundreds of watts. Those ones were used for operating in radio broadcasting but also on the ships and liners of the Czechoslovakian boat fleet. Because radio and television broadcasting must come to existence somewhere, we also prepared for our visitors the examples of the directorial workplaces of the Czechoslovakian Radio and, last but not least, the control and clearance workplace of television broadcasting from the Czechoslovakian television, whose operation we are also able to perform. The exhibition also includes a switchboard for the local radio station with its amplifier. It represents another type of broadcasting, this time the cable one. Exposition is completed with measuring instruments and products needed for setting and maintaining of transmitters, there are also power transformers and samples of other HF devices.

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Irregular Show Route in S-7 Shelter in Trest

In cooperation with the Facility Services for the Ministry of the Interior our museum managed to open a new tourist route in the top secret object S-7 in Trest. The object was built as a shelter for hiding the Crisis Headquarter Staff of the Civil Defence in Brno in case of war. It was designed and built to withstand not only the myriad of warfare agents and gases, but also radiation of a nuclear explosion. The underground part consists of two floors where the bottom floor is created by necessary technological equipment for sustaining life in the facility: filtration, ventilation, boiler, cooling, own waterworks and also a Diesel generators for producing own electricity and, last but not least, the telephone switchboard for providing connections between offices in the bunker and the outside world. Upper underground floor hides the most important room of the whole object, called: Hall of Battle Command, where all important commanders and staff personnel would be gathered in case of conflict. Besides other rooms for operation of radio stations, receiving the telex and cryptographers, there they had a kitchen with a dining area, a bedroom for relaxing and comfortable bathrooms with showers and toilets. Most of the technology in the building has been maintained in good working condition up till now. If necessary the entire building should be able to accommodate approximately 250 people. The building was finished after 3-year construction in 1974, and due to the high secrecy it was labelled as a fruit and vegetables storage. Its highest secrecy was called off by a government decision in 2011.

This object's show route is irregular and it is to be booked through the web form only, or by phone at the Town Information Centre Trest. The exact days of show route's opening will be announced at our websites in News section, at the Tourist Information Centre of Trest town and by mass-media.

The entrance fee is: 100 CZK per person. No price reductions are provided. The part of the Show Route is an Absolvent's Card which each visitor gains for free after going through the route. The route consists of the bottom underground floor and the upper underground floor only. The ground floor is not accessible to general public.

Safety instructions: The show route is not recommended to the people under age of 12, disabled people or people with limited mobility and for people with the poor toleration to the dark and small spaces. Your clothes can get dirty if you are not careful enough during the show route.

Battle entrance to the building with a defensive loophole A view of the building from the East The building emergency exit from the underground Entrance gas-tight door in a protected part of the shelter Boiler room - measuring of fuel consumption (LTO)
Dungeon with filters for removal of the poison gas from the air Compressor room for cooling the object down Diesel generators A communication device for decontaminating labyrinth Control room for measurement of CO2 in the building and for operation of filtration and air-ventilation
The engine room of the ventilation Electric switchboard - control and management of diesel generators Telephone exchange Workplace of the switchboard workers in the telephone exchange Dressing room for storing personal belongings of the shelter staff
Kitchen on the first underground floor The radio studio with a soundproof cabin for broadcasters Room of the radio stations with an emergency hatchway The corridor on the second underground floor An inspection window into the hall of battle commanders

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